"HOME" Michigan Key Holder

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Our key holders are a nice home decor item, that is great for decoration but also practical too to hold your keys and anything other smaller item that could go on a hook for hanging! 

Our key holders are approx 5.5"X12" in size and have 5 metal hooks. Each key holder has one keyhole slot on the back so that it can be easily mounted and removed from the wall with just one screw.

Each wood color is the natural color of the wood and is not altered or stained, just protected with a clear coat of water proof polycrylic.

This particular key holder is laser engraved with the word "HOME" and the geographic image of the lower peninsula of Michigan is replacing the "O". This key holder was created using three different woods, from top to bottom the woods are Oak, Maple, and Walnut. The hardware for the hooks on this particular one are silver. 

The dimensions are approx 5.5" X 12" X 1" in size.