Mini Stars Star Shaped Ornament

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3.00 (in)
3.00 (in)
0.25 (in)

Our high quality ornaments are such a fun piece of decor coming in several varieties that can work not only for a Christmas Tree but to hang wherever you choose in your home year round as well depending on which design you pick!

This line of ornaments are built using solid maple or cherry woods. No cheap plywood! The designs are laser engraved into the wood to create a striking visual effect. Each wood color is the natural color of the wood and is not altered or stained, just protected with a clear coat of water proof polycrylic. Our ornaments are handcrafted individually so the grain and color of the wood may vary slightly from piece to piece. 

Each ornament is equipped with a brown or black real leather strap tied through the hole for added convenience when hanging up.

This particular star ornament has mini stars laser engraved within the star shape, and is made with maple wood. 

The dimension in size are approx 3 in X 3 in X 0.25 in