Polka Dot Cherry Heart

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2.00 (in)
2.00 (in)
0.25 (in)

This heart is completely handmade and is laser engraved to resemble a polka dot pattern. It was made using Cherry wood.

Each wood color is the natural color of the wood and is not altered or stained, just protected with a clear coat of water proof polycrylic.

Each heart is equipped with a leather strap tied through the hole for added convenience for hanging up if needed. 

The dimensions in size for this particular heart are 2 in X 2 in X 0.25 in and was made with maple wood. This heart was laser engraved with a houndstooth pattern on the heart. 

Please note that all items are completely handmade, therefore the actual item received may vary slightly in the appearance of the grain and color tone in relation to the woods shown in the photos.