Radiating Hearts (Five Woods) - # 22/24

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"We are continuously inspired by the way our customers have embraced the symbol of hearts in our woodworking. Hearts evoke a feeling of happiness in a way that can be received universally." - Bobby & Michele Johnson

This wooden wall art is #22 out of a batch of 24. It is a radiating heart that was made by Colors Of The Wood using five different hardwoods. No stains or dyes were used in the heart or base plate, only the natural colors of the wood. 

No piece of art is exactly the same, they are each a little bit different between the various wood layouts and types of frames. 

We will not be duplicating another batch of the same exact wall art pieces so the one that you pick out is uniquely yours and there is only one in stock! 

If you are local please feel free to select FREE IN STORE PICK UP AT CHECK OUT or we can ship anywhere in the US. 

The heart itself is 4.5”X4.5” in size, the size of the base plate is 6”X6”, and the frames sizes vary. 

Thank you for being part of this art drop, we are excited to continue to share Colors Of The Wood art with you in this new format!